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The "How-to" Guide for Matter Device Attestation Certificates
As a CSA member, developer and trusted root for the new Matter standard, DigiCert understands that advancing IoT connectivity is of critical importance for you and your customers. Join us as we discuss Matter in more detail, explaining its security components and requirements for secure device attestation. You’ll learn about operating a trusted root CA (PAA), an intermediate CA (PAI), and how these work in the issuance of device attestation certificates. Finally, we’ll outline recommended considerations and specific approaches you can take to ensure compliance and seamless adoption.


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Tom Klein
Senior Director of IoT Business Solutions @DigiCert
Tom Klein is a 40+ year IT professional with 10 years of specialization in digital security and PKI. His experience includes running business groups for IBM, Microsoft, and AWS in both product and professional services. In addition, he has served as the senior go-to-market specialist on PKI identity and access management with several start-up organizations. Tom has also contributed to the FDA’s Cybersecurity Premarket Guidance for Medical Device Design. He is passionate about business outcomes for customers that represent value and end-user confidence.
Darin Andrew
Director of Product Management for IoT Solutions @DigiCert
Darin Andrew applies a deep knowledge of public key infrastructure (PKI) to help organizations effectively design and implement reliable, large-scale trust systems. Using rigorous, standards-based protocols for identity, authentication and encryption, Darin guides the design and deployment of certificate-based solutions. Since joining DigiCert in 2010, Darin has contributed to improving DigiCert’s products to provide solutions to match customer’s needs for both existing and emerging technologies with a strong focus on emerging markets that service an increasingly connected world. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys softball, art and spending time with his family. A California native, he also finds time to recreate in Utah’s great outdoors.
Tim Hollebeek
DigiCert @Industry Technology Strategist
Timothy Hollebeek has more than 20 years of computer security experience, including eight years working on innovative security research funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He remains heavily involved as DigiCert’s primary representative in multiple industry standards bodies, including the CA/Browser Forum, striving for improved information security practices that work with real-world implementations. A mathematician by trade, Tim spends a lot of time considering security approaches to quantum computing.