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Matter Compliance: Understanding and Implementing Device Attestation Certificates
Matter is poised to change smart home devices through enhanced security, reliability, and ease of use. Before the end of the year, consumers will begin to see Matter devices as the preferred choice for IoT smart homes, and manufacturers meeting compliance will be able to take advantage of the market benefits that come with this new, consumer-friendly option.

To help make Matter compliance clearer and simpler to implement, we’ve gathered experts from our customers – Latch, Eve Systems, the CSA approval firm Eonti, and DigiCert—to talk about how they’re working with us to become Matter-compliant with Device Attestation.

You’ll learn:

1. Integration of Device Attestation Certificates into global manufacturing processes

2. Achieving compliance and audit control with the Matter standard for PAA/PAI/DACs

3. What should you consider when deciding between in-house PKI versus managed PKI through a 3rd party


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